Raktaranga Amaranth

Raktaranga Amaranth

Raktaranga Amaranth: leaves are tender, attractive shiny red in colour. Fast growing and cultivable round the year.

Raktaranga Amaranth is sometimes considered ornamental, but it has great edible qualities as well.


Planting Guide: Sow just after the danger of frost has dissipated, 1/4" deep, in well drained, non-fertilized soil. Space 10-18" apart in full sun. Water weekly - about 1".


Harvest: About 30+ days depending on your intended usage. Young leaves can be used to compliment salads or more mature leaves can do the same, but gain a bitter flavour. For grains, allow the plant to bloom. Trim browning flowers and dry in a bag over the course of a few days. Shake the bag to disassemble the associated seeds. This plant is also ideal for succession planting.


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