Cauliflower Snowball

Cauliflower Snowball

Cauliflower Snowball: plant matures in 75 – 80 days from transplanting. Plant has a short stem with round compact head. Plant is well protected and is pure white in colour, approx 0,9 – 1,2 kg (2-3lb) in weight. Hardy variety well suited for open field growing.

The summer 'snowball', Cauliflower Snowball is one of the best to plant and a staple in many kitchens - raw, baked, boiled, seasoned, breaded, fried, diced, riced, etc..

When: Start indoors about 8 weeks prior to the last frost of the season for hardened transplant or plant from seed right after the last frost to give this plant the chance to reach maturity in shorter warmer seasoned climates.

Planting Guide: Plant seeds just shy of the soil surface - about 1/4" deep, about 18" apart. Soil should be kept moist, so be sure to water regularly. Full sun is best.

Harvest: Cut the main head of the main plant at about 60-80 days - smaller sprouting heads may grow thereafter for additional harvest.

Tip: Keep unwanted visitors out with floating row covers.

Garden enemies: Peas, strawberries, onions and beans.

Tis the season for Snowball Cauliflower!