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Sample Shipping Costs (as of September 1, 2020):

Weight Price

1 - 17 packages - $3.19

18 – 30 packages - $5.57

31 + packages - Free Shipping

Sample Transit Schedule as per Canada Post:

The delivery standard for regular mail sent inside Canada is 4 days for national mail. On average, you should expect delivery within 5-10 business days. These time frames are not guaranteed, as weather and mail volume can affect delivery.

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Should your order take longer than 14 days from its ship date, please feel free to contact us regarding a replacement at

Terms of Sale:

We do our best at Zappa Seeds Inc to provide our customers with the most ideal guidelines and instructions for a productive yield of our garden seeds year after year. Every packet is adorned with a planting guide specific to the seed contained within and our complimentary website (

) is available with additional resources and support to help ensure your planting success.

With that in mind, however, there are many elements that lend to the positive growth and yield of seed such as weather, soil, technique, etc., of which are not of the direct control of Zappa Seeds Inc. and to which we cannot be held responsible. Should you however find yourself in a predicament wherein a Zappa Seeds Inc. product has been proven unsatisfactory, within one year from the date of purchase, Zappa Seeds Inc will replace your product at no added cost to you, including the cost of shipping.

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Damages & Returns

Product returns & concerns are the responsibility of Zappa Seeds Inc.. If any of the Services performed or Deliverables delivered do not conform to specified requirements to which are within the direct control of Zappa Seeds Inc, Customer may require the Service Provider to perform the Services again or replace or repair the non-conforming Deliverables in order to bring them into full conformity with the requirements, at Provider's sole cost and expense

Zappa Seeds Inc. will not be held responsible for products that do not germinate/produce a desirable yield. Zappa Seeds will not be penalized for lost time events.