We are a second-generation family business growing with the times - blending years of tradition in the family garden seed business with new and innovative ideas that continually have our client’s best interests in mind.

Zappa Seeds offers a wide variety of premium quality garden seeds equipped to meet the needs of any levelled gardener. Our seeds are GMO-free and ethically sourced, so you can trust Zappa Seeds for your entire family.

Today, the average North American Family is a blend of different tastes and cultures and that is where our line of garden seeds excels best. Zappa is widely recognized for its diverse line of products catering to the needs and tastes of many ethnicities and demographics. Have a special variety in mind that we don’t carry? Let us know! We are dedicated to continuously expanding our product base to meet the desires & tastes of as many families as we can.
Whether you are trying to save money on grocery bills, reduce the number of pesticides on your food or grow fruits and vegetables that you will never find in a grocery store - you are bound to gain a new appreciation for your home garden with Zappa Seeds.

✔ HUGE SAVINGS! Growing your own fruits & vegetables will not only help to save you money & ensure your food security but it will likely also lend to a good workout too! As a bonus, you actually get to nurture & see the fruits of your labour as your garden grows & develops! What better investment is there than that?

✔ SUPER-SIZED SEED PACKETS! When you buy Zappa Seeds, you are getting value… Our seed packages are vibrant in colour and larger than the average seed packaging. Larger packages ensure a higher quantity of seeds - meaning that you will likely not only have enough seeds for this season but also next season too! Zappa’s products generally provide higher nutrition and better flavour than most other processed varieties.

✔ NON-GMO, MOST POPULAR! Zappa Seeds only sells non-GMO (non- genetically modified) varieties that are specifically designed for home garden use - based on great flavour, easy culture and exceptional garden performance.

✔ UNIQUE COLLECTIONS! Zappa Seeds offers gardeners a wonderful opportunity to grow genuine fruit & vegetable varieties that you will never find in a grocery store.

✔ EASIEST PLANTING! The back of each packet has complete growing instructions and our "how-to" guide is also included to ensure success for anyone new to growing.