Chinese Cucumber Long

Chinese Cucumber Long

Chinese Cucumber: is a member of the gourd family, and the root, fruit, seeds, stems, and peel are used medicinally.

Slender, ribbed and oh, so crispy, Chinese Cucumber is generally a favourite amidst cucumber lovers.

Planting Guide: Sow 1" deep, 2-3 seeds per sow, 18" apart and in rows about 3' apart. Sow after the danger of the last frost - late May. Water balance is important - not too much or not too little - the water needs to be just right... Full sun.

Harvest: Germinates in about 10 days and is ready to harvest in about 60. Cut cucumbers from the vine when ready to enjoy. No peeling required!

Friendly Neighbours: corn, beans, peas and squash.


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