Large Leaf Italian Parsley

Large Leaf Italian Parsley

Large Leaf Italian Parsley: plant has an upright habit with medium cover. Plant will grow 22 – 24 cm (8-9in) long. Plant is uniformed and cylindrical with deep green and light green mottling

Large Leaf Italian Parsley is a bit finicky in the garden - it likes it's temperatures to be 'just right'...


Planting Guide: Dust seeds beneath the soil surface, in full sun, 1-2" apart, eventually thinning to 10-12" apart once seedlings have developed. Sow after the danger of frost has passed. Soil and seeds must be kept moist. Mulch and compost recommended.


Harvest: When there are 3 stems, your parsley is ready for harvesting. Regular pruning is recommended - prune right to the inner stems to encourage continued growth


Tip: Did you know that Parsley is great in bath water to sooth and cleanse? That's right!


Neighbourhood Enemies: Onions, garlic, shallots and lettuce - they just don't play well together in the garden box - so do your best to keep them apart.