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Rosemary: is a tender and fragrant perennial herb.

Rosemary takes patience and skill  - not the easiest of plants to grow, so be prepared if you are a first time gardener that you may not get full germination.

Planting Guide: Start indoors about 8 weeks prior to the last seasonal frost for transplant or direct sow well after the last seasonal frost to a point where the soil is warm. Sow, no more than 1/4" deep, in a good starter mix. If starting indoors, base heat is required as is good lighting and ventilation. Fertilizer recommended as is mulch for water retention and prevention of freezing.

Harvest: Leaves can be pulled off, stems must be precisely cut. Note: Germination rates on rosemary are very low - please plant more seeds to ensure a better success rate.

Best Neighbours: Beans and carrots make good garden friends.