Kangkong Water Spinach

Kangkong Water Spinach

Kangkong Water Spinach: is an herbaceous aquatic or semi-aquatic perennial plant of the tropics or subtropics. Leaves are flat, and vary in shape depending on variety, from heart-shaped to long, narrow and arrow-shaped. Narrow leaves are 1-2.5 cm wide and 20-30 cm long. Broad leaves are up to 5 cm wide and 15-25 cm long.

A semi-aquatic plant, this spinach is fully edible - leaf, stem and all.


Planting guide: Plant well after the last seasonal frost in late spring/early summer. Sow 1/8" deep, 12" apart or more as this plant grows rather vicariously. Pot planting might be best. Full sun. Well drained soil. Deep and very regular watering - soil must remain moist, almost swampy.


Harvest: Harvest before it blooms, between 30 - 45 days. Leaves and stems can be trimmed as needed as long as a minimum of 3" of the plant remains as it will regrow.


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