Roma Tomato

Roma Tomato

Roma Tomato: fruit is a medium late variety with a pear shape and dark red in colour. Fruits are suitable for tomato sauce.

Ah...Roma! An Italian favourite for canning or pastes - this is a staple for some household gardens.


Planting Guide: Due to the longer growing season, these should be started indoors, about 6-8 weeks before the last seasonal frost. Sow 2" apart to start in well-drained soil indoors. Full sun, so if starting indoors ensure window access or heat lamps. Water regularly. Harden prior to transplant. Water prior to transplant as well. Ensure stakes are placed for supports. Pinch off bottom branches and place into the garden so that leaves are just above the surface. Space 20" apart in rows about 24" apart. Full sun. Water regularly. Compost or manure recommended.


Harvest: 70-80 days - simply pick ripened fruit from the stem. Fruit should be firm and orange-red in colour.


Friendly Neighbours: Why basil of course! Garlic and chives make great neighbours too!


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