Oxheart Tomato

Oxheart Tomato

Oxheart Tomato: plant is a second early variety with a deep large oblate shape. Fruit is a dark red colour. Fruits are suitable for tomato sauces and salads.

Oxheart tomatoes get their name due to their shape - they are also known for their large size as well.


Planting Guide: Best to start indoors about 6-8 weeks prior to the last seasonal frost and transplanted once the ground is warm/danger of frost has dissipated. Sow 1/4" deep, in moist, but well drained soil, 12-18" apart in rows 24" greater apart. Full sun. Stakes or supports required. Water regularly. Fertilize lightly. Prune leaves that first grow between stem and branches to yield best results.


Harvest: 80-90 days by picking fruit from the plant. Fruit should be rose coloured at time of picking.


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