Sugar Baby Watermelon

Sugar Baby Watermelon

Sugar Baby Watermelon: fruit is an early variety that is a good yielder and is uniform in size. Fruit has a bright red flesh, and a high sugar content. Weight is approximately 4 to 6kg.

Sugar Baby Watermelon just sounds juicy and delicious!


Planting Guide: Due to the extent of its growth season these are likely best to be started indoors 3-5 weeks before the last seasonal frost. Heat map recommended. Sow 2-3 seeds, 1/4"deep and eventually thin to one plant per pot following germination. Reduce heat and water 1-2 weeks prior to transplant. Harden plant prior to transplant. Transplant after the last seasonal frost. If direct sowing, sow 1" deep, 12" apart in rows over 5' apart in well-drained soil. Soil must be warm. Full sun. Once the fruit is the size of a tennis ball - only water if the soil is dry. Trellis can be used to support the vines, but be sure to net the fruit for added support.


Harvest: 65-85 days - look for pale yellow scarring on the ground base of the fruit to indicate ripeness. Also tendrils next to drier ones are generally ready for picking.


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