Large Leaf Italian Basil (Napoletano)

Large Leaf Italian Basil (Napoletano)

Large Leaf Italian Basil: this variety comes from Naples and is highly prized for its strong flavour. Giant rumpled 6 in. leaves are great for pesto, though the thick leaves are harder to dry than most. Vigorous 3 ft. plants are pest-resistant and slow to flower.

This fragrant and delicious plant is great for making a pesto sauce or adding to soups and sauces for its pungent flavour.


Planting Guide: Can be started indoors and transplanted or planted outside once the danger of frost has dissipated and soil is warm - above 20 degrees celcius. Sow 1/4" deep in moist, well-drained soil, 6" apart in rows about 18-24" apart. Full sun. Mulch recommended to retain moisture. In drier, summer heat, water regularly.


Harvest: Begin to prune once the plant has produced 5-7 leaves to encourage branching. Continue pruning as leaves develop. At about 5-7 weeks, pinch off the center shoot to prevent flowering. Avoid frost - frost will destroy the plant .


Tip: Leaves are juiciest in the morning. It's best mate is a tomato plant - so do your best to keep these two lovers together!


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