Red Sky Carrot

Red Sky Carrot

Red Sky Carrot: are elongated, slender roots, averaging 25 to 30 centimeters in length, and have a cylindrical shape, slightly tapering to a pointed tip on the non-stem end. The skin is smooth, firm, and bright red, sometimes covered in white striations.

Looking to add a little zest to the garden and your plate? Look no further! Red-orange in colour, crisp in texture and sweet on taste - what more could you ask for?


Planting Guide: Not ideal for transplant, carrots must be sown after the danger of frost has dissipated directly into finely worked soil. Sow 1/2" deep, about 4" apart in rows about 1' apart. Full sun. Water regularly and deeply.


Harvest: About 70 days once leaves are above 4" in height above the soil. To harvest, simply twist and pull the plant from the soil. Did you know that these are a farmer's market favourite due to their striking colour?


Tip: Compost and regular watering will help with successful growth. Avoid soils with stones.


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