Green Leaf Callaloo

Green Leaf Callaloo

Green Leaf Callaloo: is exceedingly easy to grow! Sustaining a high tolerance for heat, grow Green Callaloo Amaranthus for its light green leaves that can be used raw or in soups and stews.

Part of the Amaranth family, this superfood can be eaten raw like a lettuce or cooked. There is a Jamaican dish called Callaloo inspired by this leafy green as well.


Planting Guide: Sow in full sun, 1/2" deep, 8-12" apart in well drained soil and after the danger of frost is well gone - re. late May.


Harvest: This plant is at maturity at about 30 days. Younger leaves can be trimmed and best eaten raw, whereas older leaves are better reserved for cooking.


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